Cultivating Home

This new gallery was inspired by a desire to cultivate the feeling of home, within myself, and in the outer world.

Home is where you feel safe, encouraged, and loved.  Home is where people, faces and eyes smile back at you because they're glad to see you. The most important place to Cultivate Home is in your own mind. When you feel at Home with yourself, it is easier for others to feel at Home when they are with you. 

You can read more about Cultivating Home in this blog post:

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What These Paintings Are About

The paintings on this page were created during a 398 day painting challenge, where I painted and posted one a day on Facebook from 11-11-11 to 12-12-12.  Most of them were sold or given as gifts, but I'm posting them here because art communicates something very important that I don't have words for.  

During the painting project, I always asked readers "What do you see, feel, or experience when you look at this painting?" And then the next day I would share the intention that I held while painting. 

What surprised me most was that more often than not, people would accurately READ the message even in the most abstract paintings: healing, excitement, anger, love... This project taught me that ART IS COMMUNICATION. And art is a VERB. 

And so I share these paintings with you to share some of who I am, and to encourage you to create your own art, to communicate your essence, your beautiful fingerprint, with the world, whatever that may look like.